Snow Princess for a Day

What a beautiful snow day we had here in the Ozarks a couple of days ago! Usually I am not a big fan of snowy and cold weather, but I do always hope for at least one good snow day a year now so that the girls and I can go out for our annual “Snow Princess” photo shoot. They had so much fun choosing the outfits for this fun session…Layna said that she looked like a business woman! As you can see, she really knows how to have fun with whatever she is doing! Shu Shu had put some braids in her hair the night before and when she took them out she had such beautiful waves in her hair! Oh, and please excuse the lovely green nail polish on Shu Shu’s nails….let’s just say “tweenager”. 🙂 As I was uploaded to my computer and editing these, I realized just how much my girls are growing up. Makes me sad they are no longer my little babies, but I love seeing the beautiful young ladies they are becoming! Hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed doing them!